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Say goodbye to clutter and hello to efficiency with our Office Storage Wall Systems. Experience the transformative power of optimised storage, Our solutions not only enhance the aesthetics of your office but also elevate its functionality, fostering a productive work environment and boosting staff morale.

Simply share your storage requirements with us, and let our expert team take care of the rest. From initial concept to sleek design execution, we handle it all. Our comprehensive range includes Office Storage Wall, Locker Walls, Teapoints and Teaching Walls, our services include surveying, planning, designing, and seamless installation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Call us today on 0800 612 4174 and tell us your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.

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Design Services

Our CAD expertise alongside our deep understanding of office storage wall systems for unbiased guidance in designing and planning your office storage wall layout. Our independent support ensures tailored solutions for your unique needs.

After our initial consultation to outline your goals, we’ll conduct a thorough survey to capture initial dimensions and note the placement of windows, radiators, doors, and columns. We’ll also identify other key elements crucial for optimising your office space.

Our office storage wall design process unfolds in four key stages: Consultation, creation of 2D & 3D layouts, production of fully rendered visuals, and animated walkthroughs. These comprehensive steps ensure that you gain the most value and functionality from your newly designed office storage wall solution.

Stage 1 Consultation‚Äč
Stage 2 2D & 3D Layouts
Stage 3 Fully Rendered Visuals
Stage 4 Animated Walkthrough

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Request a Quote Please call us on 0800 612 4174 to discuss your design requirements in more detail, alternatively email details of your requirements together with a plan/layout of the area if available to info@storagewallsystems.co.uk.

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